“History is a guide to a better future and demonstrates that we can become a better society—but only if we collectively demand it from each other and from the institutions responsible for administering justice.”

—Lonnie G. Bunch III, Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution

The NJ Women Vote: The 19th Amendment at 100 partnership condemns acts of anti-Black violence and expresses our deepest sympathies to the families of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade, and countless others who have been killed or harmed as a result of racist actions. We also acknowledge the deep psychological impact on Black communities of violent acts and experiences of racism.

We are a partnership dedicated to exploring the legacy of women’s suffrage in New Jersey through projects and programs that, by making connections between history and the present, encourage civic engagement and highlight the importance of voting. We commit to working harder: working harder to both contextualize and confront legacies of racism, working harder to encourage voter participation as a means of enacting positive change, and working harder to serve as an ally for our partners and for New Jersey’s Black communities moving forward.

Black Lives Matter

NJ Women Vote: The 19th Amendment at 100