ALM Spotlight

To mark the 50th anniversary of the New Jersey Historical Commission (NJHC)  and emphasize the significant work of history organizations and programs across the state, we asked our FY2017 and FY2018 grant recipients to submit a short narrative and photos describing the impact of NJHC funding. Each week until the end of our fiscal year in June, we will post a spotlight featuring the responses of our grant recipients. Whether NJHC support contributed to general operating, a brand new exhibit, an engaging education program or the restoration of a historic object, it’s truly amazing to see what New Jersey’s history organizations, libraries, and individuals have to offer.

This week we spotlight the American Labor Museum in Haledon, New Jersey!

With the support of the NJHC, the American Labor Museum embarked on an ambitious outreach through social media to make history more accessible and relevant to twenty-first century residents and visitors.  This outreach increased the utilization of the Museum’s educational programming, including Museum-in-a-Suitcase portable exhibits and Speakers’ Bureau by Assisted Living residences and nursing homes, Saturday Labor Arts Classes by 3rd – 5th graders and their families, and “Labor Education” and “Mill Owner/Mill Worker” field trip programs by schools.  First-time visiting teacher, Alyse Quinlan, Bernards High School, wrote, “Thank you again for a wonderful presentation!  It was wonderfully and appropriately fitting for my students’ cognitive level.  They raved about the trip the entire bus ride back to the school.”


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About the New Jersey Historical Commission

The New Jersey Historical Commission (NJHC) is a state agency dedicated to the advancement of public knowledge and preservation of New Jersey history. Established by law in 1967, its work is founded on the fundamental belief that an understanding of our shared heritage is essential to sustaining a cohesive and robust democracy.