MCParks Spotlight

To mark the 50th anniversary of the New Jersey Historical Commission (NJHC) and emphasize the significant work of history organizations and programs across the state, we asked our FY2017 and FY2018 grant recipients to submit a short narrative and photos describing the impact of NJHC funding. Each week until the end of our fiscal year in June, we will post a spotlight featuring the responses of our grant recipients. Whether NJHC support contributed to general operating, a brand new exhibit, an engaging education program or the restoration of a historic object, it’s truly amazing to see what New Jersey history organizations, libraries, and individuals have to offer.

This week we spotlight the Morris County Parks Commission!

NJHC funding has been vital to the overall success of Morris County Park Commission’s Historic Sites Unit by providing continued financial support, which allows the staff to work towards achieving its mission by providing a safe, welcoming, fun and accessible facilities; ongoing responsible stewardship of its assets; and teaching the public about the sites and related New Jersey history.  For example: Honorariums for a seamstress to make or repair historic clothing, boat kits and cooking supplies for kids programs, staffing to run an expanded summer camp program, printing of yearly program calendars, and banners to promote upcoming special events are just a few of the ways that funding has impacted the quantity and quality of what the organization offers to the public, all while helping to realize its mission.

Photo 1

“Sail, Sail Your Boat” at the Cooper Gristmill

Photo 2

“Laundry with Visitors” at Fosterfields Living Historic Farm

Photo 3

“Civil War Encampment” at Historic Speedwell

Photo 4

“Family Fashion Show” at Historic Speedwell

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