NJ Historical Commission & NJ Studies Academic Alliance Announce 2018 Award Recipients

New Jersey Historical Commission & New Jersey Studies Academic Alliance Announce 2018 Awards

The New Jersey Historical Commission and the New Jersey Studies Academic Alliance are pleased to announce the 2018 recipients for the Richard J. Hughes Prize, Alfred E. Driscoll Prize, Awards of Recognition, NJSAA Teaching Award, and Paul A. Stellhorn Undergraduate Paper Award to be presented at the New Jersey History Forum, Greetings from New Jersey: Popular Culture and the Garden State, on Friday November 2nd at Monmouth University.

New Jersey Historical Commission Awards

The Richard J. Hughes Prize is presented to Joe Bilby for a lifetime of outstanding achievement in the field of New Jersey history. Joseph Bilby is a noted author, public speaker, curator, and considered a “go-to” source for information on the state’s military history.

Mr. Bilby’s nomination states, “Our understanding of New Jersey history is much richer thanks to Bilby’s passion for the past. Intelligent, inquisitive and witty, Bilby’s research, writing, and presentations have brought the stories of New Jersey history to life.”

The Alfred E. Driscoll Prize is an award to the author of an outstanding doctoral dissertation in New Jersey history. The 2018 prize is presented to Raechel Lutz for her dissertation Crude Conservation: Nature, Pollution and Technology at Standard Oil’s New Jersey Refineries, 1870-2000.

Awards of Recognition are given to individuals or organizations that have made significant contributions to New Jersey history in the following categories:

  • For multiple contributions made over time
  • For those who have had a positive impact on the ways in which audiences and/or communities are engaged in history
  • For scholarship, public service, conservation and preservation efforts, special events, and teaching
  • For helping to increase public awareness

The 2018 Awards of Recognition are presented to:

Linda Barth, Executive Director of the League of Historical Societies

Todd Braisted, Scholar, Educator, and Creator of the On-Line Institute for Advanced Loyalist Studies

Andrea Tingey, Principal Historic Preservation Specialist at the New Jersey State Historic Preservation Office

Melissa Ziobro, Specialist Professor of Public History, Monmouth University

New Jersey Studies Academic Alliance Awards

The 2018 NJSAA Teaching Award is presented to Robert Schulte. The New Jersey Studies Academic Alliance was founded to encourage the teaching of New Jersey studies and to help teachers to more efficiently and thoroughly present the study of the state to their students.  In the spring of 1999 the Alliance initiated awards to recognize innovation and creativity in teaching New Jersey studies on the elementary, middle, secondary, and college level.

The 2018 Paul A. Stellhorn Undergraduate Paper in New Jersey History Award is presented to Caleb Dagnall of Kean University for his paper, “Statehood and Sovereignty: A Case Study of William Livingston from Philosophe to Federalist,” and E. Rosie Driscoll of The College of New Jersey for her paper, “Without the Least Provision”:  Black and Desegregationist Resistance to Systemic Racial Discrimination in Private and Public Housing in Trenton, New Jersey, 1938-1965.”

This award was established in 2004 to honor Paul A. Stellhorn (1947-2001), who was a distinguished historian and public servant who worked for the New Jersey Historical Commission, the New Jersey Committee (now Council) for the Humanities, and the Newark Pubic Library. An especially active and effective member of the New Jersey history community, he did much to expand the audience for New Jersey history and was an effective advocate for pubic history and a vigorous supporter of scholarship and publication about the state’s history.

The New Jersey Historical Commission and the New Jersey Studies Academic Alliance wish the award winners congratulations!

About the New Jersey Historical Commission

The New Jersey Historical Commission (NJHC) is a state agency dedicated to the advancement of public knowledge and preservation of New Jersey history. Established by law in 1967, its work is founded on the fundamental belief that an understanding of our shared heritage is essential to sustaining a cohesive and robust democracy.