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William Carlos Williams: The Poet of Paterson Teaching Resource (Target Age: Elementary/Middle School)

In his book, “Something Urgent I Have To Say To You”: The Life and Works of William Carlos Williams, Herbert Leibowitz writes, “you are never far from Rutherford in any of Williams’s poems.” Influenced by his working class patients of New Jersey, Williams inspired generations of poets. William Carlos Williams. NJ 350

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The Petticoat Politicians of 1776: New Jersey’s First Female Voters Teaching Resource (Target Age: Elementary & Middle School)

In May of 1776, anticipating independence, the Constitutional Convention sent out instructions that each state devise a new governmental structure. In response, New Jersey’s legislature broke new ground when it drafted a state constitution that not only gave the note to men who met certain property requirements, but also gave it to some women, African-American, […]

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