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Alice Paul and Paul Robeson Teaching Resources are Now Available

Alice Paul and Paul Robeson teaching resources are now available. The Alice Paul module explores the changing and evolving attitudes towards Liberty and the Women’s Rights Movement in New Jersey and throughout the nation. The Paul Robeson module explores what civil rights are and how they are protected. Alice Paul NJ350 Robeson.NJ350

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Woodrow Wilson Teaching Resource (Target Age: Middle/High School)

On March 4, 1913, Woodrow Wilson became the first governor of New Jersey to take the oath of office as president of the United States. In the hotly contested national election of 1912, Wilson defeated two presidents: incumbent William Howard Taft, a Republican, and ex-president Theodore Roosevelt, who ran as a third-party candidate. Woodrow Wilson. […]

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Alexander Hamilton’s Dreams of Industry Teaching Resource (Target Age: Middle/High School)

Alexander Hamilton stands as one of the most important, influential and consequential leaders in American history. Among the authors of The Federalist Papers and the nation’s first secretary of the Treasury, Hamilton’s vision and leadership was instrumental in making the United States a leading hub of manufacturing and economic dynamism, beginning with the founding of […]

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